puppy update .

the puppies are coming along very well. They're now five weeks old and will be given away in about
two weeks. I really don't know what I'll do without them. It's not fair that I only get six or seven weeks with them.
Margo (the puppies mom) was originally suppose to be my dog, but jonny's mom kind of adopted her. Margo and
I don't really match up anyways. Guapo my parents dog was more mine then anyone's until I moved out of their house.
I'm pupless but have tons of puppies. We already have three dog so we can't keep any. As sad as this makes me I assumes
I have no choice but to be positive and just be glad that they all came out healthy. I also got to spend a couple months
with them, and they will makes some very lucky people happy. As you can see they have changes quite a but from my
last puppy post. They all look like teddies with floppy ears.


Arianna said...

awww i love them!! but yes i guess i live too far away :( :(

Wanderlusting said...

awwww too cutes! My favourite dog!

x0x0 Lusty


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